Stolen Equipment


In the United States, more than 200 pieces of construction equipment are stolen each week. This equals over $ 1 billion per year. Recovery of the equipment is extremely low, at best 20%.


Arizona is among the top 5 states for construction equipment theft. It is harder for a thief to steal a car in your driveway than your equipment.

Easy to Steal


Unlike road vehicles, each manufacturer uses a universal key for all their makes and models.                                          For example, a Caterpillar skid steer key can be used in an excavator.


Construction equipment does not have titles and there is no database that keeps track of equipment serial numbers.

This makes it easier for thieves to sell stolen equipment to unsuspecting buyers with little fear of being caught.

Meeting Your Needs


The key to preventing equipment theft is deterrence.

The harder it is for thieves to gain access to your equipment, the less likely they will target you.


We replace the generic manufacturer's ignition switch with your own unique key switch. Individuals or a fleet of equipment can be equipt with the same ignition switch. Replacement keys and switches are available.

We can also install our anti-start device that will add an additional level of security for your equipment.

Available Packages


We offer several packages depending on your need. Ranging from a new ignition switch, an anti-start device, or a combination of the two.


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